The B.Shop serves as a unique space where African brands uncover their deep core, surpassing conventional limits in brand exploration.

Our Essence

Driven by the storytelling essence of Africa, our work establishes a profound connection to the core identity of brands.

Our Identity

The B.Shop, where ‘B is for Branding’, bridges corporate, NGO, and
African brands, guiding them to
enlightenment by seamlessly
connecting creative and business worlds through design thinking.

Our Leadership

At the forefront of The B.Shop stand visionary leaders, driving the pulse of our creative journey. Our Creative Director, Tabvi Motsi (affectionately known as Mellow), a seasoned mastermind in brand storytelling with over two decades of expertise in advertising and branding, navigates our team towards captivating narratives. With a robust background in Design Thinking and a commitment to Rotary service, this leader passionately uplifts African brands, infusing each with a touch of social impact.

Complementing this is our Commercial Director, a strategic guide shaping client strategies aligned with business goals. This leader’s proficiency spans from comprehensive market research and opportunity analysis to threat anticipation, enriched further by expertise in interior design and 3D modeling for compelling presentations. With an unwavering dedication to growth and a collaborative spirit, our leaders collectively steer The B.Shop towards new heights in the world of creative consultancy.

Our Services

By having a memorable brand identity through effective graphic design, consumers are more likely to return to your products or services time and time again, because you provide them with familiarity and reliability. Our design experts create captivating visuals that connect with your audience, infusing brand essence.

Unlock the potential of compelling narratives with our Advertising Concepts & Brand Storytelling services. We go beyond conventional advertising by creating concepts and stories that transcend time, forging a profound connection between your brand and your audience. Dive into our portfolio for a glimpse into how we craft narratives that leave a lasting impact.

Transform your online presence with our Web Design, UX, and UI services. Our designs are not just visually stunning but also ensure an immersive user experience that exceeds expectations. Click through for a preview of how we elevate digital experiences, making your brand stand out in the digital landscape.

Immerse your brand in a narrative that transcends physical spaces with our Interior Design expertise. Our designs don’t just decorate; they tell a story, making your brand experience unforgettable.

Bridge the gap between business and brand strategy through our Design Thinking Workshops. This problem-solving methodology empowers teams to identify, understand, and solve business and customer challenges. Prioritize empathy and create solutions that resonate.

Our Network

We have a vast network of creative associates spanning Africa and Europe through various networks. This extensive network allows us to draw on diverse talents and insights to infuse each project with unique and profound creativity.

Some Of Our Creative Partners

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South African based Animation House
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